why choose us ?

Expertise to serve your needs

The quality of inorganic elemental analysis requires proficiency and high expertise in sample preparation methods. CREALINS is highly efficient in this area due to their past in CNRS and experience of its staff.

Careful listening of your needs for an adequate answer

Because your problem may have some specificities, we make sure to have all the information needed in order to provide you the best answer.

A commitment to quality

CREALINS joined the Crescient Group, with the other subsidiaries, InS France in Genay (69), EMTT in Irigny (69) and InS Thai in Bangkok. Their activities are complementary and come in 3 areas of expertise, tribology, analytical chemistry, materials and surface science.

Crescient Group is committed in a quality approach focused on continuous improvement of its overall performances aiming the satisfaction of its customers and stakeholders.
Both subsidiaries are ISO 9001 and are aimed at short term the ISO 17025 certification.

Crescient Group is also engaged in a process of social and environmental responsibility by establishing an ethic chart on which all employees must subscribe and following an environmental approach, aiming the ISO 14001 certification by 2017.
By joining the Crescient Group, CREALINS subscribes to these values and commitments.

The power of a group, the flexibility of SMEs

To meet in a wholly and customized way your needs in analyzes, CREALINS will be able to rely on other methods and means available within the group (FTIR, HPLC, particle size) and thus offer you a complete analysis panel. Also CREALINS provides you in addition of your results more real interpretation of its, through multidisciplinary approach of our teams: metallurgist, polymer chemist, chemist, organic chemist, …